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Individual Life Skills Counseling

Life skills coach and relationship coach for singles

Life Skills Counseling

Individual Counseling involves a therapist and a client and is delivered based on the client’s needs.

Breakthrough Process

  • Life skills and relationship counseling for singles and other individuals specifically designed and tailored to address a client’s unique needs and concerns.
  • Targeted at a specific problem that is causing turmoil or significant challenges in any area of life; Relationships, Career/Business, Physical Health, Mental health or Emotional health, Finances, and other life skills.
  • Relationship counseling for singles to allow you to have healthy relationships without losing your identity.
  • All tasks are designed to gather more information, or to install new life skills – new behaviors, new ways of thinking, new strategies, new resources, new habits, or a combination of these.
  • Explores the true nature of the problem and identifies the obstacles and deeply embedded behavioral strategies that keep the problem in place. This allows the issue to be uprooted from the source so that lasting transformation can occur.

Counseling Process

  • Specifically designed and tailored to address the client’s desired improvement in a specific
    area(s) of their life.
  • Singles, business owners, athletes, executives, and other individuals and their partners looking for lasting change seek relationship counseling because it is highly effective for producing fulfillment in all areas of life.
  • Sessions occur on a weekly basis and is determined by the amount required to achieve the goals or desired outcomes. Sessions can be decreased to bi-weekly once a client feels comfortable.

Everyone talks about dreams and visions for their future that they instinctively know they can attain, but few people create a plan, schedule the time necessary to complete that action steps, and actually follow through. Having a similar dream or vision with the guidance, commitment, and motivation of a therapist dramatically alters the end results.