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Group/Couples/Marriage Coaching

marriage communication coaching

Couples and Marriage Communication Coaching is designed to:

  1. Develop skill-building in the areas of improving couple and marriage communication by developing alternative ways to communicate effectively.
  2. Aligning personal values and vision with your partner while creating your future as a couple.
  3. Couples and marriage coaching to help you gain insight into the ‘Emotional Quotient’ to increase appreciation and better understanding of your partner.
  4. Identifying ‘The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse” the destructive nature of these emotions and how to change these negative patterns.
GROUP COACHING is designed to:
  1. Develop management skills with families who are experiencing high conflict dynamics.
  2. Identify areas in which overly strict or loose boundaries affect the family unit.
  3. Empower and gain confidence to co-parent while experiencing separation or divorce.
  4. Help families recover and heal from transgenerational trauma.
  5. Increase awareness, gain support and increase connections with others.
  6. Explore life issues such as career change, stage of life change and work-life balance.